Midnight & Co.

Lower Basement
Harilela House
79 Wyndham Street
entrance off Pottinger Street
Central, Hong Kong

A little underground house/techno/dub nightclub in Hong Kong with a huge sound system.

Midnight.hk serves to not only keep you informed about the club, but to also highlight other local events, music, art, writing and people we deem worthy of note.

This is not a general listings magazine – although feel free to submit items for us to review – SoundCloud links, flyers, photos and video – this is a blog showcasing stuff we love, updated 1~2 times per week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share articles you enjoy via the Tumblr, FaceBook, G+, Disqus and Twitter re-links ... cross-promotion really helps us out.

Opening Hours

17:00-00:00 Tuesday
17:00-04:00 Wednesday
17:00-02:00 Thursday
19:00-05:00 Friday / Saturday
Closed Sunday / Monday